‘Ello Jon Got a New Motor?

No, but i’ve got a new bike!

Picked it up today, it’s a Raleigh Pursuit, dating back to around 1986?

Bit mucky and some surface rust and oxidation, but in pretty good nick considering its age.

I’ve given it a quick clean up and managed to pump some air into the tyres, which managed to stay inflated long enough to establish that the gears work and the brakes almost do.

Fit wise, it seams OK. I’m no expert on road bikes, but it feels pretty comfortable. The only thing I noticed was the front tyre rubbed against my foot as I turned it round. If I had had my feet in the pedals properly, I don’t think that it would have happened.

It weighs 27 lbs and it’s pretty nippy.

I’ll get some new tubes for it and give it a proper try soon.

A bit folorn with flat tyres and a dirty coat

Rims in need of some TLC

Still got all her teeth

Cleaned and inflated (just)


9 thoughts on “‘Ello Jon Got a New Motor?

    • Thanks. I’m really quite chuffed that i’ve got her. Rims have some rust, but other than that, overall condition is fantastic.

  1. Classic bikes are great, aren’t they.

    Pimp her up a bit – get some new rims on her, maybe take her back to her former glory paint wise and she’ll look a dream. Maybe even change her gearing from the downtube to bars and you’ll have a great bike.

    Hopefully once you’re clipped into the pedals the wheelbase issue will be resolved too.

    Other than that, bargain!

    • I’m really pleased with her. I was wondering about changing to Sti levers and changing the rims too, but i’ve only had it for less than a day, so I need to behave myself!

      First thing will be new bar tape and tyres (RED)

      Perhaps a red saddle?

  2. Yellow!
    Ha ha, looks great Jon. A quick brillo pad and some WD40’ll have those rims sorted – if a little harshly.
    If you’re going red, then yes get a sleek red bumrest, she’ll look the business.

  3. I get the idea you’re thinking red šŸ˜‰

    I think see tyres, tape and perch would look great on her actually. STIs would be good, but you want to see if you like her before doing too much to her.

  4. i agree. At the moment there’s absolutely nothing i need to do. Everything works. Sti shifters will open a can of worms, increasing no. Of gears, poss not having enough space between stays. I like it how it is and there’s no benefit in upgrading after no rides.

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