Not What I Was Expecting

Tonight was the first ride on the roadbike. Everything works (just) so it was a perfect opportunity to take it out for a quick spin.

A quick ride down Rooley Moor Road, across Sandy Lane to Bury Road and a climb up Norden Road before returning via Caldershaw Road.

Initial reactions are – it’s much taller geared than I expected – the climb that I easily do up Norden Road was a real toil, as was Redfearn Wood. But i’m determined and I didn’t stop on any climb.

The brakes nearly work but need attention and I need to change the seating position slightly.

All in all, i’m pleased and if I can get to the same speed on the climbs on this as I do on the Mountain Bike I will be very happy.

5.9 miles

31 minutes

11mph max

27mph max


7 thoughts on “Not What I Was Expecting

  1. Oh god. I’m going to have to stop reading. Or there will need to be garages and we just don’t have one and bah! :O)
    The above is jealousy. This sentence is for yay for new bikes that aren’t new but you got them working like new. Nice work.

  2. It was an interesting experience. It’s a real boneshaker compared to the mountain bike and it’s also very twitchy.

    But it reacts much more quickly.

    • I was cautious anyway as i’d not ridden it before. But there’s quite a bit of vibration from the front which may be caused by wear on the rim, perhaps dirt or just worn pads.

      I think it’s certainly got potential to be a good bike.

  3. You’ll always feel the road more with a road bike than an mtb. Carbon is great at absorbing vibration but it’s not worth forking out for until you’re a million percent sure you want to stick with road bikes πŸ™‚

    Road bike brakes are good but you have to be more forceful with them – pull harder and keep the pressure on, or feather the brakes a lot.

    All in all it sounds like you’ve got yourself a good steed.

    And we won’t take no for an answer on a ride with us, so don’t even try! πŸ˜‰

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