June 100 and the Holiday Bikini Challenge

Ok, so i’m not going to be wearing a bikini..

I am however forced, through no fault of my own, to wear Speedos this summer, as the place we are going to on holiday has strict rules that men must wear speedos in and around the pool area. Shorts not allowed.

This is slightly worrying. I’m still at 14st 3 but my waistline is thinning down slowly – read very slowly for that.

I foolishly challenged Phill to ride 100 miles in June and it has now escalated to a larger challenge, involving a number of other rides of road or mountain bike persuasion.

I think I need to lose around 1 stone to look better. OK, it’s not going to be a Daniel Craig thing, but hopefully I won’t look too bad.

Area to addressย  -Torso; this is the main area I need to lose weight from. My arms and legs are fairly well toned now from the mileage i’ve done this year and my backside is a shadow of its former self.

Waist size – Currently an ambitious 36, down from 38 in 2009.ย  I’ll be happy to have a ‘comfortable’ 36 by the summer holidays.

Stomach – need to lose a couple of inches from there. It’s looking flatter from side on, but there still the love handles that need to be got rid of.

Chest – Man boobs are pretty much gone so a bit of toning will suffice.

Action Plan


I always go about this half-arsed and never really think about it. I know the simple formula is weight loss = calories burnt > calories consumed but I’ve not really put any further thought into it.

At 200 lbs, My daily calorie consumption works out at –

Resting metabolic rate is 2116 calories

Sitting at my desk for 7 hours tickling a keyboard consumes 476 calories

and Cycling 30 miles per week averages out at 240 calories per day

Total calorie consumption per day of 2832

Calorie Consumption

Breakfast – none

Lunch – typically a soft white roll with a ham type filling and a cup a soup – 325 calories

Tea – Usually pasta or on rare occasions a ready meal. For Bolognese sauces we usually have a 50/50 mix of quorn and lean beef. 500 calories

I’m going to be very disciplined this next couple of months and try not to eat crisps/biscuits etc

Daily drinks tend to be black coffee with no sugar – Occasionally white with half a level spoon

Daily calorie consumption 825

Nett Calorie Consumption 2007

1lb of weight loss = 3500 calories

So based on this, should I be losing 1/2 lb a day? Is my calorie intake too low and my body is in starvation mode?
Exercise and the June 100 Challenge – I am aiming to ride 30 miles per week, I can do this on 2 longish rides or 3 short, depending on time limitations. This mileage is how i’ve factored in the 240 calories per day for exercise.

I might even use the rusting exercise bike that has been on the balcony all winter to add in a couple of 30 minute sessions.

What do you think? Is this total bollocks, or are my calculations correct


13 thoughts on “June 100 and the Holiday Bikini Challenge

  1. I think you’ve been too meticulous in your planning, thus, if it fails – your gonna have nowhere to go.

    Eat less, exercise more = weight loss.

    Cycle into Manchester in rush hour – you’ll shit yourself and lose a pound or two ๐Ÿ˜‰

    As for your 30 miles – don’t pootle – push yourself hard.

    • I never pootle.. I always want to beat my average mph times and improve on pace. Pootle isn’t in my dictionary, but Poodle is. Aparently it’s a kind of dog that looks like a Topiary tree/shrub.

  2. A poodle is also “a person who walks around nose up in the air like their shit don’t stink.” according to Urban Dictionary.

    There are some even worse descriptions on there, but I’ve refrained.

  3. Far too few calories being eaten there mate. As an active adult male, you probably don’t need to drop below 1600.
    Think of your metabolism like a furnace. If you don’t fuel the fire, it dies. Especially important is breakfast (so called because you break the 8-12 hour fast that sleep has imposed on you). Breakfast reignites the flame and sets you up for the day

    • Thanks Christian, I thought that might be the case. I’ll ‘force’ myself to have breakfast in the mornings. I always have a bacon butty on friday mornings, but that isn’t really a healthy option.

      I’m not intentionally eating so little, it’s just how i’ve always been. With that in mind, i’m going to pop to Tesco and grab a pasta salad for some nice carbs for tonights ‘If I get chance to go out’ bike ride.

    • As Chris says, breakfast is so important. I’ve dieted in the past but only successfully when I force myself to have breakfast every day.

      The exact maths of weight loss can sometimes go out of the window. Everyone is different. I would also encourage you to avoid weighing yourself too often to see if it’s working. Every fortnight and in the morning is best.

      • I’m taking it with a pinch of salt anyway.. If I can lose 14-19 lbs in 60 days i’ll be over the moon.

        My problem with breakfast is that i’m not in any shape of form a morning person. I literally fall out of bed, get dressed, stagger to the car and then auto-pilot for the commute. Breakfast will be a big challenge for me, but i’ll give it a good shot.

  4. Best of luck with the weight loss challenge.

    Interestingly I stayed at a site in France where Speedo’s were compulsory…what is it all about???

    I really need to get out on my bike more often if I’m to tone up a little. I’ll no doubt see you sometime on Rooley Moor. I’m on an aged full suspension Saracen with twin front lights.

    Give us a wave if you see me!

    • Thanks!

      I suspect it’s some bizarre hygeine rule.

      I’ll certainly give you a wave. Hopefiully the lights won’t dazzle me and make me fall off, not that I need an excuse to fall off ๐Ÿ˜€

  5. I’m not a breakfast person either. I roll out of bed and jump on the bike. If Im out riding at weekends, I’ll have a cup of coffee before I go.

    Bizarrely, the only time I seem to eat breakfast is when I’m over in Wales.

  6. Far too complex for me mate, I kind of faded out half way through reading that!

    Eat less, excercise more, the Spraggster is spot on, sometimes you can get too scientific.

    Our first family pet when I was a kid was a Poodle, cracking Dog. Don’t slag off Poodles while I’m around! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • I agree. I was fading out whilst writing it ๐Ÿ˜€ I suspect it will be an abject failure anyway, but i’ll try.

      I did manage breakfast this morning for the first time in a long time.

      Oh, and on the subject of poodles. It was never my intention to single out poodles in any shape or form.

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