First miles of the June 100

I thought tonight was going to be another one without any mileage as part of the June100 challenge. I got the chance to go out at 9.30 so I jumped at the chance.

I dropped down through Healey Dell to try and see the source of last night’s fire, but there was nothing to be seen. So I continued along to Shawclough Road before dropping down onto Bury Road and a detour through the ‘Bird’ estate over to Clay Lane and home via Norden and Caldershaw Road.

As I approached home I noticed that I was below 10 miles, so I had to do a couple of loops of the road next to mine to get over Phill’s mileage! 😀


4 thoughts on “First miles of the June 100

    • aye, it is.. I suspect Phill and I will be languishing at the bottom of the table with all the Roadies that are doing it!

    • I was on 9.3 miles, so I needed an extra margin, so I did an extra loop round Elm Park and then a bit more to home 🙂

      I’m thinking of going over to Cragg Quarry tonight, so should get some decent mileage in; with a climb or two 😦

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