3rd and 4th #June 100 Rides

This morning I took my daughter for a rather wet ride. I’d thought about driving over to Firgrove, near to where Phill lives to enjoy a ride along the canal to Hollingworth Lake and back.

But I couldn’t be bothered taking my bike apart to put it in the car.

So we cycled down Rooley Moor, up Woodland Drive. Correction – I cycled up Woodland drive whilst my daughter pushed her bike up it.

At least that gave me an opportunity to add extra distance to the ride.

Eventually we got onto the old railway track, she was a little nervous about riding over the viaduct as she’d heard of the terrible accident that had happened there last week.

My daughter’s problem with riding is that as soon as she sees a climb she stops and gets off and pushes. With the gradual incline of the old track I managed to trick her into thinking it was flat 🙂

We continued up to the old bridge near the sheltered housing before turning round and cycling back and up prickshaw lane.

The rain was getting heavier, but we didn’t mind and eventually got home 90 mins after setting off and covered 5.77 miles.

Ride Number 2

Less than two hours after getting back from the earlier ride and consuming 2 slices of cheese on toast and a jacket potato with beans, I was out again. I only had a short window of opportunity and in hindsight should have waited until tonight to go for a longer ride.

A quick blast across shawfield lane into norden and and ip behind the old peoples home I suddenly realised I’d not hit start on the sportstracker. Quickly rectified I carried on, climbing up past Whitakker Moss and dropping down furbarn lane, Rake and jowkin lane before looping back along bury road and up along edenfield and caldershaw roads.

Avg speed over the last 5 and a bit miles of the 7.25 was 10.2 mph. This would have been higher if the first downhill 2 miles of the ride had registered.

I briefly flirted with the idea of a 3rd ride tonight but there was nothing left in my knees.

This last week I have all but matched last years mileage for June. I suspect this could be a good month.


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