I got the opportunity to get out on the bike tonight so I jumped at the chance. I’d already worked out roughly where I was going to go.

So I set off, dropped through Stonehill to do practice my skillz on 3 steps, 3 steps! I’d ridden them easily at the weekend so tonight I hit them a bit harder and faster. What I had forgotten was that it had been raining and that the leaves on the corner would be greasy..

Cue my first fall in ages..

Front wheel just slipped away from me and before I could react i’d slammed down onto the tarmac.  I untangled myself from the frame and after a quick sit rep to check everything worked on the bike I continued.

A slower than planned ride over Shawfield Lane and up past Whittaker Moss,  down Furbarn Lane and Jowkin Lane. Rather than returning along Bury Road I turned past the Crimble and on to Bury Old Road to Sudden and back along Edenfield Road and Caldershaw Rd.

I considered doing a lap or two of where I live to get over 50 miles but by then my neck and shoulder were aching like mad, so I decided to call it a night.


13 thoughts on “Ouch

  1. Cheers! Wouldn’t have minded but I fell off after the steps..

    I was literally round the corner from my house, so I wasn’t going to give up so easily.

  2. That looks painful mate. Did you jump up & dust yourself off, looking round hoping nobody spotted you?

    I’m due a fall too!!

    • yes, but after about a minute as I was a bit dazed! I suspect I shouldn’t have carried on but I’m stupid like that at times..

      Make sure you do it where no-one sees then! 😉

    • ouch John that must have hurt.. My shoulder’s just clicky/poppy at the moment but really aching.. I’ll be out within a couple of days hopefully. Can’t let @phill catch me up!

  3. Could be worse – you could plant when you’re not even on the bike, like I did on Sunday! Cue a skinned elbow, bruised hip, shoulder and jarred collar bone!

    Good on you for carrying on even though you were in pain.

    I feel your pain – quite literally! 😉

    • how did you manage to do that??

      I think I should have gone home after the fall as i’m not right today at all. 😦

  4. Plastic strapping hidden in long grass. I was walking thru a park and found the strapping after it’d sent me spilling to the crappy, muddy, shitty tarmac where I slid a little way on the arm.

    Once the hip bruising eases I’ll be back on the bike with my elbow bandaged up 🙂

    • that was a bit daft! You’ll have to watch where you’re going…

      I bet you’re looking forward to getting out on the bike again?

  5. I hate that feeling where the pain & dizziness kicks in a few minutes after you’ve jumped up, dusted off & started riding.

    So annoying that it wasn’t the drop-off but the slippy corner that got you. I’ve fallen off there many times, but it didn’t hurt much when I was 10!

  6. Often impossible to see stuff in long grass!

    Yeah, dying to get back on the bike. Annoyingly, more so due to only riding once so far this month. Grr.

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