Another #June100 ride

Another ride this morning. Not much to report other than due to a late night last night and a still sore shoulder I only managed 6.74 miles.

Averaged 8.8 mph and took 45mins.

That is all. Move along now please…


10 thoughts on “Another #June100 ride

  1. Other than I’ve broken the back of the challenge now. 55 miles in 12 days. Should/might/potentially could cover well over 100 miles in the month.

  2. Less of the only. Your miles are at least twice as hard as anyone elses. At least you got out.

    I always find that first stop out of the front door is the hardest bit.

    • only twice as hard? πŸ™‚ Problem is that last time I went out I managed 1/2 a mile before falling off (on a footpath!)

    • there’s still time for back injuries! πŸ˜€

      Didn’t make it out last night, but did tonight. I had to be home by 8.15 to take over childcare duties. Was at the Stonehill junction at 7.55 so did 3 loops of stonehill, dropped down harewood and then about 3 laps of Elm Park to add another 2 miles to tonights ride πŸ™‚ Did all of Stonehill on the big ring with lots of pumping (of legs!)

    • It had to be done!! I has some mileage to catch up on… Wish I’d done a bit more as I’m .01 of a mile behind @mtnbikegirl

    • I know! i’m taking my daughter out for a short ride tonight so i’ll make up the miles. (only doing a couple tonight)

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