Some more #June100 miles

I’ve already added the screen shot to the June 100 page, but this is a quick update on tonight’s miles.

I’d got a window of 75 minutes for a ride so I decided to repeat the ride I did that resulted in the fall.

I approached the steps a bit more cautiously than before, even though it was dry.

A quick squirt down Redfearn Wood to then ride over to Shawfield lane. I seem to be using much less gears than I used to and can rider longer and faster on the climbs whilst using taller gears, do it shows that fitness strength and endurance are all improving.

I carried on over Elmsfield and dropped down Furbarn lane and Jowkin lane joining Norden road at Bamford Chapel.

Down to the lights and along Bury Rd before turning off towards the Crimble and descending down a very slippy crimble lane (marble like stones) over towards bury old road.

I had planned to have a couple of laps round Springfield park but I thought there wasn’t enough time.

Past the sewage works, which were very smelly tonight, to Sandy lane and a climb up Edenfield Rd an Caldershaw Rd.

I noticed after I’d got past the Black dog pub that I’d still got 20 mins left so I did a number of loops around stonehill and elm park to max out the mileage.

Stats if I remember correctly-

11.64 miles

1hr 8 mins

10.2 mph avg


2 thoughts on “Some more #June100 miles

  1. I can’t believe you made Autumn happen. With awesome power comes awesome responsibility. Oh, you meant you fell over.

    It’s always rubbish when there’s no wind when you ride past the turd farm isn’t it?

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