Incredible #June100

Well it’s the 19th of the month and I’ve bloody well done it. I’ve got the first 100 mile month that i’ve ever managed.

Last night I went into Manchester drinking, so I left my car in Didsbury in a cunning ploy to get enough miles in to take me over the 100 mile mark.

I chose a fairly straight forward route. Road into Castleton and then join the canal towpath and cycle along it all the way to Manchester.

The first part of the plan worked, in that I cycled to Castleton. Could I find a way onto the canal towpath? could I buggery. So I eventually ended up cycling past All in One garden centre to Stakehill Industrial estate to join the canal towpath there.

The towpath was in fairly good (singletrack) condition with deep ruts and drops down the side of each of the lock gates; most of them were smooth gravel, but  there were some that were cobbled and rutted. Today no obstacle was unbeatable as I enjoyed a great ride towards Ancoats.

There were a few areas where I was concerned that I was going to pick up a puncture, but fortunately I avoided any. All flights of steps were ridden, apart from one that was strewn with glass. This warranted a short carry and then I continued.

After about an hours riding I got to the back of Picadilly Station, the wharfes around Ancoats are good fun to ride along, and then I headed off down Oxford Road, through Rusholme and Fallowfield before arriving at work. Looking at the GPS app it said 22.43 miles, but when I opened it up again it claimed the program had crashed and it had registed 21.53 miles, some 0.33 miles short of the 100 mile target.

I thought about whether I could say this and be done with it, but I decided that when I got home I’d have a quick blast up the cul-de-sac and back to get me over the 100 miles.

So what have I gained from this?

  • A Speedo Body (well almost and the fact I have to wear them on holiday has been part of the motivation for the riding)
  • Additional stamina
  • The ability to tackle descents again
  • Increased speed, both average and max mph
  • An incredible desire to ride as often as I can, regardless of time available. Just ‘fitting in’ another 45 minutes or hours ride.
  • I need an excuse to stay in and watch television now in an evening.

Lets see what the rest of the month brings and the rest of the month.

Sorry, but no photos were taken as I was on a bit of a mission to get there in less than 2hrs.

Total time for the 21.53 miles was 1hr 50 mins.


9 thoughts on “Incredible #June100

  1. Fantastic news matey! Sounds like a brilliant ride. We did some the other stretch on Saturday – Rochdale to Castleton before going over Thornham Lane.

    But the main thing – brilliant work on the 100! 🙂

    • Cheers Phill! It was a fab ride, some interesting variations in surface. Really gave it some beans in some places. The only issues I had were finding somewhere to get onto the towpath in the first place;tried near the train station, near OMC ford and eventually settled for cycling down to Stakehill to get on there. Lost me probably around 10 minutes doing that.

      The ‘Shameless’ section was quite picturesque but there was quite a lot of broken glass from smashed bottles that I had to navigate round.

      Well chuffed with the 100, thought you’d pip me at the post as I didn’t set of until 3pm..

      Now for Manchester-Blackpool and Hit The North 2.0 (bricking it!)

  2. They’re working on the towpath so it’s closed for a bit in Castleton. Check my MMR loop (on my blog) for what we did on Sat.

    Basically, the best bit to get on is a little further up than OMC, over 2 cattle grids. Hopefully when they’ve finished you’ll be able to get right along there again.

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