Foody help needed

Ok, this weekend I’ve got the Manchester to Blackpool bike ride. It covers 63 miles, which is a huge distance for me.

The furthest I’ve ridden is 28 miles for over the edge. This had a lot of climbing in it and I felt my legs starting to give up 5 miles from the end of the ride.

So, what should I eat beforehand to ensure I’m suitably fuelled for the ride?

Lots if pasta the night before? Is this all I need or do I need to start this a few days earlier?

Later next month I’ve got an 8hr mtb endurance event and I could do with some advice for that too?

I won’t be racing off and trying to beat people on pace; I hope to finish mid to bottom table thanks to a slow and steady pace. Does the type of food differ for this or is it still loads of carbs?


10 thoughts on “Foody help needed

  1. Take lots of food with you. Malt loaf, dried fruit, nuts, banana, snickers bars, jelly babies or energy gels all work fir me. Eat little and often, right from the start. I also find energy drinks help, but also drink water as too much energy drink can make you sick.

    The night before a ride I pig out on chicken fried rice!

  2. I’m not gonna give you any food advice as what works for me doesn’t actually work for anyone else. Nor is it the way to go 😉

    I will just stress that you ride at your own pace, take any climbs easy, use the rest stops and be prepared for the evil head or sidewind that will attack you once you get past Freckleton. Ooh, talking of freckleton, there’s a hill leading to it that catches everyone unawares cos it’s a bit neverending and steep near the top of it.

    • Thanks I think I’ve got an idea of what to eat and what not to eat. I’m going to take flapjacks and gels with a couple of mars bars for the final 5 miles 🙂

  3. Porrige and protein powder is a good start to the day, especially with dried fruit.

    I carry dried fruit and nuts and sometimes a boiled egg or two (seriously). Plenty of fluids. I’m too poor to afford gels and stuff but sometimes have a water bottle with sugar in.

    for a usual saturday (bout 70 miles) that’s plenty for me. Just make sure you’ve drunk plenty the day before and take plenty liquids with you. Have fun wont you? 😀

    • Fun is what it’s all about for me. My problem though is that I don’t do breakfast. I’ll probably manage a couple of weetabix with golden syrup 🙂

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