End of Month Report

Wow, what a month June has been.  Thanks to the work Phill did to convert my great idea for the #June100 challenge into reality I’ve been using every opportunity to get out on my bike and ride.

The result –

I’m fitter
Less Fatty
and very fortunate.

This has been my best month of riding ever at 123.24 miles.

Tonight’s ride served a purpose in clearing out the cobwebs and also clearing my head in preparation for tomorrows interview. I headed off down to Norden and then, rather than heading up towards Whitakker Moss, I carried on to the Bridge and rode up past the Three Owls to the tea rooms. In the distance I spotted a group of mountain bikers so I decided to hunt them down.

Within about 5 minutes I’d caught them and one by one passed them. They were on the smoother side of the track on full-suss Treks and I was on the bumpy side with my hardtail. The track brought me out opposite Nutters Restaurant, so I could either head up Edenfield Road or head back down to Norden. I chose the easier of the two and headed down hill.

At the White Lion Pub I turned off and decided to follow the signs for the PB and ended up at Red Lumb. Seeing as I was nearly at the top of the climb up Edenfield Road I turned and headed towards Owd Betts. Before Ashy Valley I followed the PB sign again and found a fab bit of track that lead me down to an area I didn’t even know existed, which was a nice surprise.

Next week I have the Manchester to Blackpool bike ride and at 63 miles will go quite a way towards the July150 mileage.

I’ve also got my 1000 miles in 2010 target back on track at just under 450 miles for the year.

And now bathtime.


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