Nearing Race Readiness (cough)

I just popped out for a quick 10.15 mile ride to get a couple of miles in before the weekends Hit The North event. New wheels are fitted and working very well with a quite  pleasant noise from the freehub.  Just loud enough to be heard, not loud enough to do an impression of a chainsaw/Hope Hub.

I tried out the path that drops down into the woods right behind my house for the first time today, lots of very narrow singletrack and exposed roots. Most of it I managed to ride, with only about half a dozen dabs/get off and carries to contend with. After that I went onto Shawclough road down towards the infirmary before riding down Clement RRRRRRRRRRRRRoyd street God I hate cobbles!

Just the usual Bury Road/Jowkin Lane loop

GPS crashed after 1.6  miles so don’t have anything accurate to report on but i’ll get the routes uploaded later.


10 thoughts on “Nearing Race Readiness (cough)

    • Thanks, it’s the absolute bottom of the range Orange and cost me £500 new. It’s certainly the best bike i’ve ever had and it rides really well.

      I’ve spent about £250 on it over the last couple of years upgrading or repairing it. Actually thinking about it, it’s only the wheels/brakes that i’ve upgraded as i’ve broken the rear mech twice, shifters and forks! 😀

  1. The thing about Orange bikes, (I had a P7 back in the day and loved it dearly), is that they’re designed for upgrading, new wheels, new fork, new groupset and you have a top range racebike.

    I certainly would have an Orange again.

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