Its been 3 months since I last posted on here. I’ve still been cycling, but I have not really had the motivation to put fingers to keys.

As far as the monthly challenges go,i’ve done OK, but not brilliantly considering the level of free time i’ve had.

August – 67.5 miles

September – 105 miles

October – 80 miles

I’m determined to get the last 20 miles in this week for the October challenge despite having a very sore shoulder.

So what’s been happening? Well, i’ve been looking for work, looking after the kids, looking after the house (to my best ability) and have been doing longer rides.

My favourite rides now seem to head out over towards Todmorden/Walsden via Healey Dell, Watergrove Res and sections of the Mary Townley Way. Most rides are now around the 20 mile distance, which is a massive improvement over the 4-5 mile distances I was doing towards the end of 2009.

Downsides – Destroyed a set of shoes, gloves are falling apart, brakes are needing servicing more regularly and i’m going through brake pads for fun.

Having said that, my technical abilities on the bike are improving steadily and I now find myself really attacking sections that previously would have had me on my back/face.

I’ve given up looking for work now as i’m about to start up on my own. Most things are in place for this (including a couple of  projects via another IT Company)

So here are a few pics taken over the last 3 months


6 thoughts on “Update

  1. Some cracking photos there! I must confess though, that the last one is hilarious. At least my shoe mishap was off the bike – but there’s time yet, I guess.

    But I say again, brilliant pictures my friend. See you on the paths sometime…

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