I’d forgotten this existed….

Just remembered that I had a blog many moons ago, which detailed my cycling trials and tribulations..

So, what has happened since my last post, 15 months ago….


Got a new bike!

Sensa Sella TNT Tour 29er, Quite a fast bike, not as light as my old Orange G2, but that was heavy before I replaced all the bits on it!



Semi-converted my brother-in-law from a Golfer to a Mountain Biker.

I’m now really enjoying my cycling again.

April was the first month since 2010 where I have ridden over 100 miles.

My pace is starting to get back up to where it was previously.

My BMI has, today. dropped into the ‘normal’ zone for the first time in a very long time (still work to do though)

I’m more confident about riding more technical/narrow/rooty singletrack sections.

I’ve been to Lee Quarry!

Done Hit the North again, didn’t die, didn’t finish last!!

Don’t fall off anything like as much as I used to.

Bike is remaining intact, although that means I haven’t got excuses for upgrades (yet)

I’ve discovered Strava, I can’t decide if it is the best training tool ever, or really really dangerous; I do find myself pushing myself much harder than I used to on climbs or fast/flowing sections.. Just.. Need… To… Find… A… Few…. Seconds…. Damn, missed the KOM.

I’ll probably start posting my ride’s on here again along with the stats I’m gathering for pace/HRM etc..


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