Am I becoming a runner?

hmmm, second night on the row and i’m out running – what is going on? I decided to try something different after reading The Amazing Shrinking Gaz’s blog about bonk training.

I had nothing to eat all afternoon, I normally have a number of biscuits etc

Got home, put the kids, had 2 cups of coffee and then a little later went for a run.

I was going to use the sportstracker on my phone, but was unable to get a gps fix, which I later found was due to a low battery, so I ended up fannying about and lost a few minutes trying to get it working. After I gave up on the sportstracker idea I carried on with my run, which was the same as the night before, just short of 2 miles and it took just under 30 minutes

Well what can I say.. When I got home and sat down my whole body felt like an inferno. A colleague of mine was saying that it’s down to the body burning fat reserves to fuel the exercise.

I think I’ll have a night off tonight as my legs are quite sore, but will repeat the process again and see how the weight loss is going.