Goals 29/50

Goals (29/50)

I nicked this idea from a fellow rider @jobysp. His goals and his already achieved goals have inspired me to create my own list. I’ll add new ones as I think of them.

Goals Listed: 50
Goals Completed: 29

Rooley Moor Hill Climb
The climb out of Rochdale, up Rooley Moor Road is a complete and utter swine. It’s a 500ft climb in the space of 1 mile from the Lane Head cattle grid. Surface varies from cobbles to loose and rutted gravel. There are a number of false summits and I find it damned hard difficult to climb it!


Climb RMR with only 2 stops
Climb RMR with only 1 stop
Climb RMR without any stops 17/11/09

Climb RMR in less than 15 minutes
Climb RMR in less than 10 minutes

Current Record: 15 minutes (including a avoiding a Sherpa Van!)

I think the 10 minute climb might be achievable this year!

My weight was the main reason I jumped on my bike, and I have an ideal weight in mind. Although I ‘m currently around 14st 7, I was a smoker and just under 16st about 18 months ago and have managed to drop 1 1/2 stone and given up the fags.

Goals: (Wii assisted if necessary :-D)

Lose 3lb in one week
Weight = 14st 3lb
Weight = 14st
Weight = 13st 10lb
Weight = 13st 7lb
Weight = 13st 3lb
Weight = 13st

Then, the ultimate goal/goals

Remain at 13st for 1 week
Remain at 13st for 2 week
Remain at 13st for 3 week
Remain at 13st for 4 week


I don’t mange to get too much time for cycling, due to work and family commitments. I normally manage to find an hour here and there to fit in a ride.

My usual rides were 4 miles long and consisted of a slow crawl up the hill, towards the where the Moorcock Inn once stood, turn round and cycle back home, or a loop through Healey Dell. Over time the loop through Healey Dell dropped down to 35 minutes, but the climb up RMR still was a struggle. I did a ride with some local riders that went over to Edenfield and back, it nearly killed me! Since then, the distance has increased so that I’m averaging 10 miles, but pace is still lacking on the climbs, but I’m making up for it on the downhill sections!

Only cycling on a proper bike counts

Commute to work 50 miles round trip
Cycle 100 miles in 1 week
Cycle 10 miles in 1 journey
Cycle 25 miles in 1 journey 28 miles on 16/05/10
Cycle 50 miles in 1 journey Manchester to Blackpool 4th July 2010
Cycle 100 miles in 1 journey

Cycle 100 miles
Cycle 250 miles

Cycle 500 miles
Cycle 750 miles
Cycle 1,000 miles
Cycle 1,500 miles
Cycle 2,500 miles
Cycle 5,000 miles

And now the ultimate challenges:

Cycle from the East Coast to the West Coast of the UK
Manchester 100k
Manchester 100 miles
Manchester to Blackpool
Compete in a 24hr Race
Compete in a 100K Race
Compete in HTN 1.5 finished last but 1, completed 2 laps, fell off, broke my helmet. I was totally unprepared and unfit
Compete in HTN 2.0 Finished towards the back. Crap tyres, Crap gears, Crappish rider. Will improve.

I thought I’d achieved my max speed the other month at 37mph, registered on my GPS Phone, my average speed is still very poor and that is the important area that I need to address.

Max speed has to be registered on my Nokia SportsTracker and stored in Nokia Sportstracker Website

Reach 30mph
Reach 32.5mph
Reach 35mph
Reach 37.5mph
Reach 40mph
Reach 42.5mph

Current Record: 41.9mph

Average 5mph
Average 6mph 7.05 mph last RMR Loop 2
Average 8mph
Average 10mph 10.2 mph 19/01/2010
Average 11mph 11.1 mph 21/01/2010
Average 12mph 25.5mph 26/03/2010 ON-ROAD


7 thoughts on “Goals 29/50

  1. If you need some support for the hill climbs give us a shout – me and gaz can nip over to Rochdale and drag Phil with us for the day sometime and beat the beast!

    • Aargh, but yes I should join in. I am Mr Rubbish on hills though, which is why I movd alongside a canal. I used to live within 300 Yds of RooleyMoor, but moved due to … erm … let’s say relationship issues.

  2. that would be great!!! I’m planning on doing the ‘running man’ route from IFB that goes via Lee Quarry, through Whitworth..

  3. Nice meeting you today. Good luck with your trips etc. I went a bit crazy with the camera today – but then it was fantastic weather.
    I can email you a couple if you like? There’s a nice shot of you disappearing over the top.
    All the best, liza

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